clock; wall

Production date
Circa 1920
Wall clock with a wooden case featuring engaged columns at the two front corners with Doric capitals and fluted terminals. The top is balustraded with a central acorn finial. The front has a glass panel through which the white enamel and brass dial of the clock face and pendulum terminal can be seen. It is a 14-day strike clock, made in Wurtemburg circa 1920. The label on the back reads "No 287 14 Day Strike made in Warttenberg". See curator's comments.
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Object Detail

Production date
Circa 1920
Production place
Signature & date
label:"No 287 14 Day Strike made in Warttenberg"
Measurement type, part and reading
Dimensions:0 - Whole:H 82.5cm (H 2' 8 1/2")
Dimensions:0 - Whole:W 35.5cm (W 1' 2")
Dimensions:0 - Whole:D 17.7cm (D 6 15/16")
Dimensions:dial:Dia 14.5cm (Dia 5 11/16")
Accession number