Catalogue - Light Foundry Dept

Carron Co
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(1902) {nd}
Catalogue: Vol I sections I-IV (Light Foundry Department). Includes photos of works and offices I Stoves II Ranges and Cooking Apparatus III Registers, Interiors, & c IV Gas Cooking and Heating Appliances (SRO Ref: GD 58/16/13 DUP)
Ships hearths, ship or galley ranges, cast iron ship or galley ranges, wrought iron ship or galley ranges, wrought iron galley ranges and baking ovens, wrought iron central range, heating stoves, shop stoves, railway stoves, lorne stoves, gill stoves, slow combustion stoves, back and masons stoves, tailors stoves, laundry stoves, ornamental coil case, column ventilating radiator, cabin register grates, boilers, pans etc, deck pipes etc, ships bell frame etc, coal bunker frames etc, stove pipes etc, hob grates etc, kitchen grates, roasting ranges etc, cottagers ranges, self acting cottage ranges, self acting back boiler ranges, ranges : 'Lancashire',
'Northern', 'Yorkshire', railway ranges : 'Newcastle', 'Durham', ovens, open and close fire ranges : 'New Cumberland', 'Fiery' close fire range, open and close fire ranges, range : 'Corrona', hot plates, portable cooking stoves / ranges, the 'Institution', ranges and steaming closets, 'Restaurateur' range, 'Chef', 'Criterion', roasting ovens, boiling pans, coke grills, gas grills, steam carving tables, hot closets, 'Bain Marie', carving tables and hot closets, boiling, roasting and grilling tables, boiling stoves, gas hot plates, grilling stoves / tables, cooking ranges, roasting ovens, gas hot closets, carving tables, open fire ranges : the 'Lancashire' the 'Yorkshire', the 'Carrona', gas fires, floor warmers, registers with gas fires, registers and mantels with gas fires, novel heating apparatus, smoothing irons and iron heaters, Leamington bars, interiors, interiors with dogs, hob grates, register grates, cabin register grates, hob register grates, mantel registers, mantel registers with overmantels, mantelpieces, mantel registers with overmantels, dog grates, dog grate recess, kerbs, fire brass rests, register interiors / with dogs, mantel registers, cabin or saloon stoves.
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(1902) {nd}
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