General bus, Falkirk with driver and conductress

Production date
Circa 1920
View of a Scottish General Omnibus Company Limited bus. It has solid tyres and oil or gas lights and an air bulb horn. The windscreen is open for ventilation and there is a flap covering the open sides of the cab. The driver and conductress are standing at the front.
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Production date
Circa 1920
Subject notes
The bus is one of a batch of ten purchased in August 1919. It is on the Falkirk to Grangemouth service. The bus is owned by a subsidiary of Falkirk Tramways. The petrol engine powered a generator which fed an electric motor. As there was no need to change gear, it gave a smoother ride.

From about 1900 in the Falkirk area, buses operated on local journeys, and were soon cheap enough for ordinary people. In 1930 the speed limit on buses was raised from 20 to 30mph; drivers had to pass a test and be over 21.
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