Erskine Parish Church Senior and Junior Choir

David Milne
Production date
04 Dec 2014
Erskine Parish Church Senior and Junior Choir, standing in five rows with children at the front

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Production date
04 Dec 2014
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Junior Choir:
(from left front row)
Louise Hendry, Marion Poynton, Korine Barclay, Kirsty
Stevenson, Andrew Brown, Ewan Stevenson, Ann Hamilton,
Shonagh Doig, Rebecca Prentice.

(2nd row)
Sarah Mathieson, Catriona Stevenson, Pam Peebles, Hilary
Brown, Lynsey Young, Diane Wilson, Donna Munnoch, Lorna
Smith, Lisa Prentice, Joanne Hendry,
Andrew Paterson

Senior Choir;
(from left -3rd Row)
Jane Reid, Molly Keillor, Agnes Hay, Jessie McLay, Jean
Pringle, Mary Shade, Cathie Malone, Alex Christie's sister

(4th Row)
Lucia Thomson, Sandra McChesney, Betty Gray, Judy Jaffray,
Marleen Shaheen, Sheila Wilson, Sadie Pitt, Anne Stoddart,
Ian McPherson, Elsie Stoddart,
Marion Grant, Elizabeth Aird?

(Back Row)
John Paterson, Bill McChesney, John Pitt, Donald Paterson,
Andrew Young, David Milne, Alex Christie (Choir Master)
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