Scottish Referendum - Falkirk Count

Elspeth M Reid
Production date
19 Sep 2014
Counting Officer with a Supervisor adjudicating doubtful papers during the Second Count
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Production date
19 Sep 2014
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Supervisors were authorised to review all papers in the Doubtful tray and allocate ballot papers to the appropriate Yes or No tray where the voter's intention was clearly shown by a tick or 1 in the Yes or No box, provided there was no other mark on the paper. The Counting Officer, Deputy Counting Officer or other authorised officers reviewed any ballot papers with other marks which Supervisors were not authorised to allocate to trays. All review and adjudication was conducted in front of observers. Where any objection was raised the ballot paper was retained in the Doubtful tray for final adjudication at a later stage.
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