Bo'ness Docks under construction

J Dunlop
Production date
Circa 1880
View of the Dock gates while under construction. There is wooden framework on the quay walls to protect the stonework from collision with ships. On the dockside is a stationary steam boiler and cranes. In the distance are the masts of sailing ships in the outer harbour.
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Production date
Circa 1880
Subject notes
Bo'ness Harbour was small and tidal which made it inconvenient. Up to 30 ships could be waiting in the Forth to find a berth. The Dock opened in 1881 and provided 730 metres of quay wall. The dock gates were opened for the passage of ships twice a day, at high tide.

The Dock had the latest cranes and four large coal hoists. Often it was so busy that ships had to lie in the River Forth awaiting a berth. In 1900 the North British Railway Company bought the town's financial interest in the Dock. (The Caledonian Railway Company already owned Grangemouth.)
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