Letter from [Samuel] Garbett, Birmingham

William Cadell (junior)
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26 May 1764
Letter from Mr[Samuel] Garbett, Birmingham to William Cadell jun[io]r at Carron, North Britain, complaining about the delays concerning leases and contracts between Carron Company and Garbett & Gascoigne concerning a wharf to be made available by Garbett & Gascoigne for Carron ships. Also mentioning the [Thomas] Dundas may be trying to obstruct the project. Also stating he does not agree with T[homas] R[oebuck] that the Carron Company should join in a 2 year bond as it makes the company look unstable. Also asking for opinions on operational matters concerning the foundry. Also mentioning a case against [John]Gibbons, [the companies first mining consultant]. Also advising that he thinks it is very lucky for Carron Co that C[harles] G[ascoigne] has Fulderhaugh and he will make the pier and the cut[into the River Carron]

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26 May 1764
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