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John A Hutton
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Letters,cards, notebooks, timetables, certificate, booklets, forms, speeches, programmes, tickets and magazines.

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John Alexander Hutton was the chief engineer with Walter Alexander & Sons.
Son of Adam Hutton,Spirit Merchant. (died 1921). He was brought up in Roman Buildings, Camelon and was educated at Carmuirs School and Falkirk High School. He started work in the Carron Co office in July 1916 and began apprenticeship with the Engineering Dept at Carron Co. in Sep 1916. Completed apprenticeship in Aug 1918. He joined the Royal Air Force in Aug 1918.and served at School of Technical Training in Bucks for 4 months and then engine repair section in Bristol for 4 months. He was demobilised in March 1919. He started work with W. Alexander & Sons on 24 April 1919 and finished apprenticeship with them in September 1921. When he started the total maintenance staff numbered seven, and Mr Hutton besides being employed on engine fitting and general repair work, acted as a bus driver at weekends between Falkirk and Glasgow. From Sep 1921 until May 1927 he worked as an engine and general fitter on all types of commercial vehicles.
In May 1927 he was foreman of the engine shop, machine shop and dock shop . In Nov 1930 he was appointed Asst Chief Engineer and in June 1940 Engineer in charge. In July 1961 he was appointed Chief Engineer. He married Agnes Oberg on 19 November 1929 at the Temperance Cafe in Falkirk. They had one daughter, Cecilia.
He was a member of Larbert Toastmasters Club and was a very keen after dinner speaker and was often asked to make presentations at work.
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