Catalogue - Domestic equipment

Dobbie Forbes & Co Ltd
Production date
List D.F. 4301/S: portable and kitchen ranges, cooking and heating stoves, registers, interiors, mantel registers, etc
Super Sunbeam Kitchen Range - A and D patterns
Royal Sunbeam Kitchen Range - A and D patterns
Popular Sunbeam Kitchen Range - A pattern
Larbert Sunbeam Kitchen Range - B, C and D patterns
Alexandra self setting open and close Fire Range
Hazel patent self setting Range
Gordon self setting and self acting Range
No 1 open Fire Range
No 12 heavy Kitchen sham Grate
No 10 Dundee Grate
Alico combination Grate
Kamoro combination Grate
Meridian combination Grate
Sunbeam back to back Grate
Larbert Range
Down to date Portable Range
Colinda Portable Range
Grateful self setting Range
New Livingstone cooking Range
New Stanley cooking Range
New HPB Stanley Range
Dover Cooking Stove
Trio Cooking Stove
Bung Cooking Stove
Robin Cooking Stove
Shamrock Cooking Stove
Robinson Crusoe Stove
Dee Boat Stove
Cutter Ship Stove
Standard Hearth
Tay Steamer Hearth
Humber Steamer Hearth
Patrol Hearth
No 1816 Cabin Stove
Boreas Slow Combustion Stove
Queen Stove
Coachman Stove
Dumpy Stove
Rose Stove
Pansy Stove
King Hot Air Stove
Century Stove
Laundress Laundry Stove
Hecla Laundry Stove
Cottage Laundry Stove
Model Laundry Stove
Suburban Ironing Stove
Tailors Stove
Jumbo Tailors Stove
Prince Portable Boiler (Nos 1 and 2 pattern)
King Portable Boiler
Cast Iron Portable Boilers (Nos 1, 2 and 3)
Dee-eff Gas Portable Boiler
Eaglet Hotspur
Dwarf Interior (Nos. 30, 86th, 70th, 70HPB,86FB, and 91)
Brass or Copper Canopies
Barless Fires
Interior (Nos 356, 248, 288, 516, 316, 421, 921, 630, 920 and 206)
Hot Press Interior
Tile Register (Nos 69P, 141, 95/920, 95/416, and 95/421)
Hob Tile Register (Nos 409, 409/630, 609/356)
Square Recess Hob Tile Register (No 176)
Common Register No 105
21 Kinnaird Grate
Self contained Boiler Flue arrangements (Nos 1 and 5)
Fall Bar Fires - Bertlar; Empress; Kamoro; Stein
Barless Fires - Hecla; Vale; Broom; Sunbeam; Dobbie; Regal; Ness.
Brass or Copper Canopies (Nos 246/7/8/9; 542; 630; 425/5; 416; 516; 316; 288; 216; 206; 421; 356)
1925 Self contained Boiler Fire
Loose Interior Frames
Barless Fires - Ness, Larbert, Vale, Dobbie, King, Broom
Adjustable Barless Fires - D.F. and Sunbeam
No 5 Chimney Piece
No 7 Chimney Piece
Hob Mantel Register (Nos 351, 298H)
Tile Mantel Register (Nos 331, 311, 299, 304)
Mantel Register (Nos 480, 483, 502, 36, 29H, 29 and 509)
Mantel Grate - Aligloss (Nos 851 and 854)
Mantel Grate - Alimotte (Nos 65 and 66)

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