medal; "Special Constabulary Long Service"

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Bronze medal with the bust of George VI on the obverse, and an inscription on the reverse: "FOR FAITHFUL SERVICE IN THE SPECIAL CONSTABULARY", half surrounded from bottom to right by a semi-circular spray of laurel. "PETER SYMON" stamped on rim. Ribbon attached.

These medals were awarded in the UK to members of the Special Constabulary who completed a specified period of time. It was established by George V in 1919 and the medal was initially awarded to members of the Special Constabulary during the First World War. Those who were awarded it for service during the First World War also came with a bar (clasp) with the words "THE GREAT WAR"
This one is pre 1948 as IND IMP is on inscription and this was removed in 1948.
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Embossed on the obverse "Georgius VI D G BR OMN Rex F D IND IMP" on the reverse is " For faithful service in the special constabulary" on the rim is the name " Peter Symon"
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Dimensions:0 - Whole:Dia 4.5cm (Dia 1 3/4")
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