tunic, breeches, Jacket, Apron and Gaiter

Part 1 : Two children's fancy dress tunics. Made from gabardine. Four buttons and press stud. Punched on button(s) crest with "Honi soit qui mal y pense & Dieu et mon droit" - Royal Coat of Arms. They have one pocket above and one below the belt on either side. The upper pockets have rounded lower corners. Each pocket has a strip of material down the centre on which the button is sewn. Flaps of upper pockets have pointed lower edge, lower pockets flaps are straight. Sleeves have lined inset cuffs, rising to point on outside of sleeve, button sewn just below the point. Buttons down front all above belt with press studs underneath. Epaulettes are open fastened down with buttons at proximal end. Seams bound on interior with silk twill. To fit boy aged c.10.
Part 2 : Two pair's of children's fancy dress breeches . Made from gabardine in a green/greyish colour. Printing "Wm Small & Son Colonial Outfitters Edinburgh". Waist band rises up in two points at back to which 2 buttons presumably for braces are attached. Corresponsing buttons for braces on either side of front opening buttons. Opens at the front with a flap secured with buttons and poppers. Legs can be laced shut. Metal buttons have "OUR OWN MAKE" on them with a star. There are pcokets on both sides of the trousers.
Part 3 : Children's fancy dress jacket. Part of soldiers costume. Made from wool in a green/greyish colour. Epaulettes are open but fastened down with button at proximal end. Closes with five brass buttons down the front, buttons punched with crest and "Honi soit qui mal y pense & Dieu et mon droit"- Royal Coat of Arms. Two pockets one above the other on either side of the font opening. Upper pockets slightly smaller than the lower ones, all have material strips down the centre onto which the button is sewn. Two belt loops at the back. Lining only on inside of the collar. To fit boy aged c. 8 to 10.
Part 4 : Children's apron (Edwardian). Made from cotton in a khaki colour. Hem deeper at the bottom of the apron. All hemming in black machine stitching. Elastic ribbon sewn to top left hand corner. Cotton loop sewn to end of elastic, for attachment to button sewn on top right hand corner above. Transfer on top left-hand corner has a union jack on a flagpole with other imagery (hard to see) and reads "Anchor Finish Copyright".
Part 5 : Pair of children's gaiters (Edwardian). Made from cotton (twill) and khaki coloured with black ribbon and white button. The top curves higher at the back and front than at the sides. Black elastic ribbon sewn on to either side of bottom gaiter in front of opening forming a loop to go under the foot. Six white buttons down outside leg.
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Punching on the brass buttons on part 1 and 3 "Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense & Dieu Et Mon Droit"
Buttons on part 2 have "OUR OWN MAKE" with a star on them.
Part 4: Transfer on top left-hand corner has a union jack on a flagpole with other imagery (hard to see) and reads "Anchor Finish Copyright".
Measurement type, part and reading
Dimensions:1 - Two tunics:L 51cm (L 1' 8 1/16")
Dimensions:1 - Two tunics:L 53cm (L 1' 8 7/8")
Dimensions:1 - Two tunics:W 48.5cm (W 1' 7 1/8")
Dimensions:1 - Two tunics:W 48cm (W 1' 6 7/8")
Dimensions:2 - Two pairs of breeches:L 58.5cm (L 1' 11 1/16")
Dimensions:2 - Two pairs of breeches:W 60cm (W 1' 11 5/8")
Dimensions:3 - Jacket:L 43cm (L 1' 4 15/16")
Dimensions:3 - Jacket:W 40cm (W 1' 3 3/4")
Dimensions:4 - Apron:H 43cm (H 1' 4 15/16")
Dimensions:4 - Apron:W 49.5cm (W 1' 7 1/2")
Dimensions:5 - Pair of gaiters:L 25cm (L 9 13/16")
Dimensions:5 - Pair of gaiters:W 16cm (W 6 5/16")
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