Catalogue - Manhole covers & general castings

Bo'ness Iron Co
Production date
(1960s) {nd}
Catalogue SfB(12): manhole covers, street covers and castings (7th edition)

Heavy Duty Double Triangular Ventilating Cover and Frame; Medium Duty Rectangular Cover and Frame; Light Duty Double Seal Flat Type Inspection Cover and Frame; Light Duty Double Seal Recessed Type Inspection Cover and Frame; Medium Duty Straight Bar Gully Grating and Frame; Non Seal Flat Top Manhole covers and Frames; Single Seal Fl at Top Manhole Cover and Frame Double Seal Flat Top Manhole Cover and Frames; Brass Top Edged Recessed Manhole Cover and Frame; Single Seal Recessed Top Manhole Cover and Frame; Double Seal Recessed Top Manhole Cover and Frame; Circular opening Manhole Cover and Frames; Coal Plates and Frames; Manhole Steps
Specifications for Surface Boxes for Waterworks purposes;
Gully Gratings and Frames; Gully Traps;
Cast Iron Drain Fittings;
Garden Seat Ends; Division Standards; Guard Posts;
Arterial Covers and Frames;
Kerb Weirs;
Channel Gratings; Straight Bar Gratings and Frame;; Circular Opening Hinged Gratings and Frames; Stable Gratings and Frames; Garden Gratings; and Frames; Sealing Covers and Frames; Cobweb Grating; Hart Trap Grating; Square Mesh Gratings and Frames; Air Gratings and Bricks;
Stop Cock Cases and Hydrant Boxes;
Galvanised Steel Louvre Ventilators; Galvanised Cast Iron Louvre Ventilators;
Reservoir Ventilators;
Buchan Covers and Frames; Buchan Gratings;
Explosion Doors and Frames;
Soot Boxes; Rose Boxes;

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Production date
(1960s) {nd}
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