medal; "British War Medal 1914-1920"

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Silver medal. The obverse shows King George V facing left, with the legend "GEORGIVS V BRITT: OMN: REX ET IND: IMP:" (George V, King of all the British Isles and Emperor of India). The reverse, shows Saint George naked on horseback and armed with a short sword. The horse tramples on the Prussian eagle shield and the emblems of death, a skull and cross-bones. In the background are ocean waves and just off-centre near the right upper rim is the risen sun of Victory.
The British war medal 1914-1920 was awarded to officers and men of the British Imperial Forces who were in an area of active fighting or serer overseas between 05 Aug 1914- 11 Nov 1918 inclusive. It was later extended to services in Russia, Siberia and some other areas in 1919-1920
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stamping:reverse: is an image of a mounted warrior and "1914 1918".
stamping:obverse is a bust with "GEORGIVIS V BRITT OMN REX ET IND IMP"
stamping:edge:"25081 CPL D HOPTON SCO RIF"
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