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Catalogue : Cooking Apparatus for coal, coke, gas, steam and electricity
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Indexes; Illustrations of hospital kitchen; College Kitchen; Training College Kitchen; Dovehill School Kitchen; "Kursaal" Kitchen; Asylum Kitchen.
"Central" Ranges; "Central" Ranges with Plate Rack; Wrought Iron "Central" Range with Plate Rack; French Pattern "Central" Range; Combination Range and Hot Closet; Strong Close-Fire Range; Wall Range; "Restaurateur" Range; Self Setting Close Fire Range; Combination Range; Combination Range and Steaming Oven; Fish and Potato Fryer; Still-room Range; "Victoria" Range; Strong Portable Range; "Beeton" Portable Range; Roasting Range; Coke Grill; Strong Double Coke Grill; Independent Coke Grill; "French" Pattern Charcoal Grill; "Holborn" Grill; "London" Independent Grill; "Kursaal" Grill; Bakers Oven; Independent Baking Oven; B.O.5m Baking Oven; Battery of three Steaming Ovens; Battery of six Potato and Vegetable Steamers; Battery of Steaming Ovens; Battery of Four Steaming Ovens; Steam Hot Closet and Carving Table; Steam Serving Table; Central Steam Carving Table and Hot Closet; Tilting Boiling Pan; Central Battery of Steam Jacketed Pans; Steam Jacketed Pan; Beef Tea Extractor; Cast Iron Steam Jacketed Rice Boiler; Evaporating Pan; Digester; Set of Copper Fish or Pudding Steamers; Copper Fish Kettle; Bain Marie; Galvanised Wrought Iron Steam Heated Water Boiler; Tea Infuser; Tea or Coffee Infusing Apparatus; Steam Heated Tea or Coffee Urn; Fountain Boiler; Rapid Water Boiler; Automatic Egg Boiler; Coffee Making Machine; French Bain Marie; Egg Boiler; Egg poacher and Boiler; Coffee or Milk Urn; "Safety Pressure" Fountain Water Boiler; "Safety Pressure" Kitchen Water Boiler.
Best Grade Gas Cooker; Gas Roasting and Baking Oven; Double Oven Range; Treble Oven Gas Range; Combined Gas Cookers, Griller and Boiling Table; Combined Central Gas Roasters and Boiling Table; Gas Heated Central Range; Gas Cooking Apparatus for Railway Dining Cars; Nest of Three "Cabinet" Gas Roasting Ovens; Gas Pastry Oven; Gas Boiling Table; Gas Heated Grilling and Boiling Table; Gas Heated Boiling and Baking Table; Gas Hot Plate on Stand; Gas Stock-Pot Stand; Patent Combination Egg Poacher and Toaster; Gas Toaster; Double Gas Grill and Toaster; Gas Griller and Toaster; Gas Griller, Toaster and Hot Closet; Combined Gas Griller, Toaster and Hot Closet; Gas Boiling, Toasting and Grilling Table; Restaurant Gas Griller; Gas Hot Closet; Gas Heated Hot Close and Plate Warmer; Gas Heated Carving Table and Hot Closet; Carving Table and Hot Closet; Gas Muffin Plates and Lacquering Tables; "Jupiter" rapid Grill for Hotels, Restaurants; Boiling Burner; Multi-tubular Water Boiler; Gas Heated Tea Infuser or Water Boiler; Electric Hot Closet and Carving Table; Electric Combination Cooking Range; Electric Oven; Electric Grill, Toaster and Hot Plate; Electric Salamander.

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