Kinneil House, Bo'ness

Thomas McInnes
Production date
Aug 1978
View of the south side of Kinneil House showing the roofless south stair turret and the solitary gable of Kinneil Church. Grangemouth oil refinery is in the background.
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Production date
Aug 1978
Subject notes
Kinneil House was built in 1546-50 and extended in 1677. From the early 18th century the house was little used. It was saved from demolition in 1936 when contractors found tempera decoration behind the 17th century panelling. The corner turrets were re-roofed circa 1980.

Kinneil Church was built in the 12th century. Only the western gable with double belfry remains, once a landmark for ships entering Bo'ness Harbour. The church was abandoned in the mid 17th century when the population moved to Bo'ness.
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