"Living room , 3 apartment house, Westquarter"

Stirling County Council
Production date
Circa 1936
The range has an open fire, oven and warming oven. In the corner is a wireless (a valve radio) sitting on a manual sewing machine. The floor is covered in linoleum and rugs. There is a single electric light bulb. The furniture and floor are highly polished. Taken as part of record of replacement of slum housing by Westquarter Model Village, built by Stirling County Council
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Production date
Circa 1936
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The houses were an improvement on the miners’ rows: they were larger, with running water, inside toilets and electric light. However, the only means of cooking was the range and at 6d (2.5p) a unit, electricity was so expensive that 30% of houses reverted to paraffin lamps
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