Furnaceman, New Grange Foundry, Bo'ness

Tom Astbury
Production date
07 Aug 1979
View of molten iron pouring from the furnace into a ladle while a furnaceman, Thomas Houston, wearing a visor to protect his eyes from the glare and his face from the heat looks on.
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Production date
07 Aug 1979
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Ballantine started up in the1820s on its current site and became formally established in 1856. The company is still owned and run by the Ballantine family. By specialising, it has become one of the few surviving ironfounders of almost 100 in the area. The company provides original metalwork, restoration and refurbishment to existing metalwork worldwide. Its range of over 250,000 patterns includes fencing, monuments, post boxes, lamp posts, manhole covers and extensive ornamental structures.
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