badges; "Cub Scout"

Production date
Early 1940s
Set of cub scout badges used by Robert Welsh in the early 1940s for the 51st Stirlingshire pack.
1. An image of Stirling Castle with the word "STIRLINGSHIRE" below.
2. Red lettering in a narrow white strip "51st STIRLINGSHIRE".
3. An oval green badge with the head of a fox and the words "BOY SCOUTS" in red.
4. Two broad yellow bands (one for either arm to indicate a sixer).
5. A coarse red felt triangle.
6. Two six-pointed metal stars with attachment loops and one yellow cloth disc.
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Object Detail

Production date
Early 1940s
Signature & date
sewing:badge 1:"STIRLINGSHIRE"
sewing:badge 2:"51ST STIRLINGSHIRE"
sewing:badge 3:"BOY SCOUTS"
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Measurement type, part and reading
Dimensions:1:L 5.3cm (L 2 1/16")
Dimensions:2:L 7.5cm (L 2 15/16")
Dimensions:3:L 4.1cm (L 1 5/8")
Dimensions:4:L 10.6cm (L 4 3/16")
Dimensions:5:L 4cm (L 1 9/16")
Dimensions:6:Dia 1.9cm (Dia 3/4")
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