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Wooden wall-mounted control panel for No.3 tunnel kiln at Manuel Brickworks. This kiln was installed in 1946, but a similar panel from 1930 is shown in the 1934 catalogue.
There are two boards, one of which has a diagram of the tunnel kiln and one is plain. The plain one was set just below the other and a set of T-shaped wooden blocks with hooks slid in checks between the two. Each block represented a car in the kiln. Paper labels hung from the hooks gave details of the passage of the car through the kiln. [These have been removed and are now stored separately in a box.]
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Dimensions:0 - Whole:L 2m 77cm (L 9' 1 1/16")
Dimensions:0 - Whole:W 22cm (W 8 11/16")
Dimensions:0 - Whole:D 2cm (D 13/16")
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