bottle; milk

Production date
3 glass milk bottles in the shape introduced during the late 1970s and known then as Eurobottles. All 1 pt bottles.
Part 1) Marked Milk Containers Ltd. Glasgow.
Part 2) Plain bottle
Part 3) Marked S.D.B.
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Object Detail

Production date
Signature & date
Part 1: Moulded on front "Milk Containers Ltd, Glasgow" on other side is "1pt 568ml RETURNABLE BOTTLE". Moulded near base is "SD142 11 U8"
Part 2: Moulded on side "1pt 568ml". Moulded near base is "W (symbol) 8G"
Part 3: Moulding on front "SDB" on other side is "1pt 568ml RETURNABLE BOTTLE" Near base moulding " "9 (symbol) 39 H"
Associated place
Measurement type, part and reading
Dimensions:0 - Whole:H 19.5cm (H 7 11/16")
Dimensions:Dia 6.7cm (Dia 2 5/8")
Accession number