The aqueduct and boat lift, Falkirk Wheel

Elspeth M Reid
Production date
Aug 2002
View of the aqueduct leading to the boat lifting mechanism. The aqueduct is supported by a line of concave-sided piers whose circular heads contain the canal. It terminates in the massive wheel with its two arms holding the water-filled 'gondolas'.
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Production date
Aug 2002
Subject notes
The construction consists of the extension of the Union Canal, the tunnel beneath the railway and Antonine Wall, the aqueduct, the boat lift, the circular basin, and the lock connection to the Forth and Clyde Canal.

The Wheel was built as part of the Millennium link project to re-open and re-connect the Union and Forth and Clyde Canals. The Wheel was opened in 2002. It replaced a flight of 11 locks and can lower boats 25m in a few minutes.
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