John Logie Baird

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05 Jun 1944
Annotated on reverse " Latest Triumph in Television. An amazing invention has been achieved by Mr John Logie Baird in the television world. This 'stereoscopic' television is obtained by two television pictures of a performance being transmitted in rapid sequence, one picture corresponding to the image seen by the left eye and the other as seen by the right. When this is thrown on the television receiver screen it appears as a double image in two colours but directly the viewer dons a pair of spectacles fitted with coloured lenses, orange red for the left eye and blue green for the right eye, the televised pictures become normal and lifelike, This invention will be of the greatest interest to thousands of 'lookers-in' after the war is won. The price of a set is quoted at £15.
Photo shows Professor Baird looking in on his £15 model colour television set, He is wearing the coloured spectacles for the stereoscopic reproduction (or three dimensional television) FOX 5th June 1942.This photo is not scanned. You can see the original in the Archives in Callendar House

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Production date
05 Jun 1944
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