plaque; "Next of Kin Memorial Plaque"

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Next of Kin War Memorial Plaque, commonly know as Dead Man's Penny.
On the front is Britannia standing (half right) holding a trident in her right hand, with a laurel wreath in her extended left hand. In front of her is a lion. Two dolphins swim around Britannia. Below the name is a spray of oak leave with acorns and at the bottom a second lion is tear apart an eagle. The name of the deceased is in a rectangular tablet. There is no rank. Embossed around the circumference is "HE DIED FOR FREEDOM AND HONOUR". The name of the deceased in the rectangle is "JAMES KELLY".
These plaques were issues following the First World War to the next of kin of all British and Empire service personnel who were killed as result of the war. They continued to be issues into the 1930s.
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moulding:front around circumference:"HE DIED FOR FREEDOM AND HONOUR"
moulding:front border:"JAMES KELLY"
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