General Bus Co manager's car and driver

A C Brown
Production date
Circa 1930
View of a Willys-Knight Model 66, manufactured in 1925, with a uniformed chauffeur. It is a large four-door, hard-topped, car with running board and fold down steps as it sat high above the road. The box on the running board probably held the battery. The uniformed chauffeur is wearing skipped cap, double-breasted jacket, leather gloves and boots.
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Production date
Circa 1930
Subject person
Subject notes
The car is a 1925 model (source of information Mr Savage, 031 554 2766) It was the Scottish General Omnibus Company manager's car.
The Willys-Knight was a luxury automobile, manufactured in Toledo, Ohio, United States, by the Willys-Overland Company. 'John North Willys had been a super salesman of sporting goods in Elmira, New York at the turn of the century. His ambition carried him on to guide the fortunes of the Overland Company in 1907. It was not until 1914 that a car carried his name. Joining Overland was the Willys-Knight, the sleeve-valve-engined car which was to endure longer than any other. Willys-Overland produced more Knight-engined cars than virtually all other manufacturers. Willys was drawn to the sleeve-valved engine because of its novelty and promotional advantages.' (Source - North East Classic Car Museum website)
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