medal; "British War Medal 1914-1920"

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Silver medal. The obverse shows King George V facing left, with the legend "GEORGIVS V BRITT: OMN: REX ET IND: IMP:" (George V, King of all the British Isles and Emperor of India). The reverse, shows Saint George naked on horseback and armed with a short sword. The horse tramples on the Prussian eagle shield and the emblems of death, a skull and cross-bones. In the background are ocean waves and just off-centre near the right upper rim is the risen sun of Victory. Along the edge is inscribed "S - 22598 PTE J.M. GORMAN. GORDONS."
The ribbon has an orange watered centre with stripes of white and black at each side and borders of royal blue.
The medal is placed in a homemade display case/box.
The British war medal 1914-1920 was awarded to officers and men of the British Imperial Forces who were in an area of active fighting or serer overseas between 05 Aug 1914- 11 Nov 1918 inclusive. It was later extended to services in Russia, Siberia and some other areas in 1919-1920
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obverse:stamping:"GEORGIVS V:BRITT:OMN:REX ET IND: IMP:"
reverse:stamping:"1914 1918"
edge:engraving:"S - 22598 PTE J.M. GORMAN. GORDONS."
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