Papers on Closure of Falkirk churchyards

Falkirk Parochial Board
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Papers relating to the closure of the Parish Churchyard, Erskine Churchyard, West United Presbyterian Churchyard, South United Presbyterian Churchyard and Christ Church Churchyard, including extracts of minutes of the Cemetery Committee, excerpts from the Burial Grounds and Clauses Act, 1870, including Inventory of Process for the petition for closure of the burial grounds presented to the Sheriff of the County of Stirling by Falkirk Parochial board under the Burial Grounds Act, 1855, also Precognitions of various individuals concerning the poor state of the Falkirk Churchyards, also Notice of a Representation to the Privy Council made by the Parochial Board of Falkirk concerning the closure of Falkirk Churchyards

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