samian; decorated

. Form 37, Central Gaulish (2001-14-25, 28, 29). Panel decoration divided by bead rows with, from left to right:
a) Roped pediment, Rogers U266, with a small circle internally and an acanthus spray, possibly Rogers K12 in the external 'spandrel'. Below is the figure, O.581 beside a column, possibly Rogers P4 (unless produced by careful overstamping of one of the shorter columns).
b) Figure, O.905 over a small winged creature, possibly the harpy O.863A.
c) Large double-bordered medallion containing the Minerva, O.126B and Vulcan, O.66.
d) Standing figure over the dolphin and basket, Rogers Q58.
e) Column, probably part of a repeat of panel a.
A non-joining sherd adds the upper part of c). Above the panel decoration is Cinnamus ovolo 3 (S&S, Fig.47; ovolo 3a of Simpson & Rogers 1969).

The whole would appear to be part of the same vessel as Steer 1961, Fig.5, 6. Indeed the detached sherd could well join the largest Steer fragment. However, if this is truly the case, the detached part of Steer 1961, 6 (bearing the ovolo) must be from a different bowl as it bears a different ovolo from ours. This has been termed Cinnamus ovolo 3b by Simpson and Rogers (1969, 4) and is associated with Cinnamus, Cerialis and others. If the major part of Steer 1961, 6 is from the same bowl as ours, the 1999 fragments can be seen to complement or supplement the 1958-60 ones. However, the latter adds a running bear, O.1627, below the medallion and allows us to see that the figure in our panel d is the Perseus O.234. Macdonald & Curle 1929, Fig.77, 13 and Fig.78, 22 appear also to be fragments of this bowl.

Hartley suggests a date of c.A.D.140-160 for the Cerialis/Cinnamus ovolo 3a and c.150-170 for Cinnamus ovolo 3b. The Mumrills ditch has both on bowls with styles that have strong links one with the other. A date in the very middle of the second century would suit both the pieces under discussion and the deposit as a whole.

Joining 2001-014-025, 029.
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