William Glen of Forganhall papers

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1. Trustees of William Glen of Forganhall
2. William Glen
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Bonds, sasine, precept of clare constat, discharges etc relating to sale of lands and estate of Dalderse to William Glen of Forganhall
Few contract between William Glen & purchase of subjects in Dalderse with inventory;
Articles of roup of subjects purchased by William Glen.

Titles for Dalderse; Gillfoot & Yuillshiels (Lanarkshire); Middlehouse & Watertown of Kilmeadzow; Hospitallshield, Cunningham;
Includes Precept under Quarter Seal of 1643;
Itemised list
Inventory of title deeds and other papers belonging to William Glen of Forganhall, 1829;
Papers of William Glen of Forganhall and Archibald Glen;

Letter from John Selby "enclosing agreement with Miss Glen" (or Messrs Glen) of St. Petersburg;
Zuilshiels writs 1709 onwards;
Purchase from Mrs Mc Queen of Braxfield 1792;
Agreement between the creditors of A Glen and the Trustees of the late William Glen of Forganhall;
Plan of land belonging to William Glen (28 October 1788);

Chartulary, Dalderse 1782 - Glen family grantes (unbound)

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William Glen of Forganhall (1744-1808) was born to Archibald Glen and Elizabeth Anderson at Foot o’ Green in the Parish of St. Ninians, the sixth child of a family of five sons and seven daughters. In early life he was apprenticed to the weaving trade. He married, first, Mary Buchanan, second daughter of William Buchanan, Portioner, of Plean; she died, without issue, at Forganhall, 24th February, 1800. He went on to marry Jean, daughter of George Gray, Esq., of Aberdeen, by whom he had three sons and two daughters. For many years he resided in West Plean, where he carried on business as a distiller, and from 1784 till his death on 24th August, 1808, he was resident at Forganhall. He was interred in Falkirk Churchyard a little to the south-west of the main door of the church. Mrs Glen died 7th November, 1877, aged 95 years, having outlived her husband for 69 years.

Of the children of William and Jean Glen born at Forganhall, Archibald Glen (1801-1842), the eldest, became a merchant in Glasgow and on 1st March, 1832, was chosen a member of the Merchant House, Glasgow and died at Craigmore, Bute; George Glen (1803-1885), second son, married Christina, daughter of Mr John Bair of Abbot’s Grange, Stirlingshire in 1832. He was a merchant in Liverpool. He settled at Stratton, Audley Park, Oxfordshire and became Magistrate for Oxon (High Sheriff 1864) and lord of the manor of Stratton Audley and died of apoplexy. Lieutenant William Glen (1805-1827) of the East India Company, the third son of William Glen of Forganhall, served in India with several battalions of the Bengal Native Infantry, saw much service in the first Burmese War, and died of fever at Akyab, in Arracan, India unmarried. Elizabeth Glen, daughter of William Glen of Forganhall (1806-1882) married Mr Gavin Walker of Hillhouserig, merchant, Glasgow. Margaret Glen, second daughter, died 28th March, 1808, aged 18.

What is now named Forganhall was originally a part of the lands of Dalderse. The Rev. John Glen, M.A., uncle of Mr William Glen of Forganhall, was for 52 years minister of Forgandenny, Perthshire, and out of that circumstance arose the name of Forganhall. In 1793, “William Glen of West Plean seised Oct. 6 in part of Dalderse.” In November, 1784, he is described as “William Glen, late of West Plean, now of Forganhall”. The mansion of Forganhall was converted into apartments at some stage, these being rented to several families. The large garden, once famous for its fruit trees, came to be utilised for clothes drying.
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