Building Warrant file for 15 Storey Flats, Callendar Estate, Falkirk

Falkirk Town Council. Dean of Guild Court
Production date
01 Jun 1965
15 storey flats at Callendar Estate by George Wimpey & Co.
A: North, south, east and west elevations.
B: Sections a-a and b-b
C: Section b-b
D: Section c-c. Private balcony balustrading. Roof edge detail. Elevation.
E: Details of roof drying area screen. Parapet details.
F: Plan of door and screen to lift lobbies. Sections and elevations.
G: Details of screen at stairwell/ventilated lobby. Plan, sections and elevation.
H: Lift hall screen. Sections and elevations.
J: Door details. Main entrance, screen, refuse chamber. Sections
K: Window details
L: Staircase balustrading details
M: Joinery details of windows. Living room screen. Sections. External elevations.
N: Refuse chute details. Ground floor plan, upper floor plan, sections and roof plan.
P: Fascia details. Layout plan of pre-cast concrete units.
Q: Fascia details. Roof edge details. Detail of fixing slots. Details of jointing section thro’ eaves and fascia units
R: Details of guard rails at lift lobby and ventilated lobby. Plan and elevation.
S: Civil Engineering Design Statement from George Wimpey & Co. re: 2- 15 storey flats in Callendar Estate, Falkirk.
T: Site Layout, location plan.
U: Foundation and ground floor plans
V: Typical and roof plans.
W: Typical upper floor plan
X: Ground floor plan

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Production date
01 Jun 1965
Subject notes
Glenbrae Court
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Off-site storage
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