Building Warrant file for amendment to application No 52/1966 for S G S Fairchild Ltd, Offices & Factory

Falkirk Town Council. Dean of Guild Court
Production date
Sep 1965-Jan 1967
Amendment to application No 52/1966 for S G S Fairchild Ltd, Offices & Factory. A: ground slab & piling loop details B: Pile layout for External compound, Storage Tower & Production Area C: Sections, Ducts, Chimney base plans, Details of Effluent Treatment Plant D: Garage Details, Plans Sections Elevations E: Details of Kitchen Plans & Section F: Sections, Details, Toilets, Changing Rooms Kitchen Amendments to Window, Roof Light, Gutters Addition of Section G: Sections Details Production, Facilities, Amendment Floor Stabs H: Detail Sections for Toilets, Amendment Section BB Mirrors, shelf & tile strips J: Demineralised Water - Acid - Neutralising Pit Arrangement K: Plan of Production Unit Stage 2, L: Stage 1&2 Elevations & Sections M: Stage 2 Plan of Canteen, Offices & Cloakrooms N: Plant facilities, Model, QA & Goods Room Areas, External compounds P: Nitrogen Compound, Oil Tank, Demineralised water plant, Room & Tube Washing, Elevations Sections Roof Plan Q: Stage 1&2 Setting Out/ Levels/ Drainage R: Block Plan Stage 1&2 Service mains (Extension drawing 17) S: Block Plan Stage 1&2 Service mains (Extension drawing 17) T: Floor Ducts Production Area sections U: Gatehouse, Plan Sections, Elevations V1: Design certificate from Lewis, Smith & Partners Consulting Engineers to Dean of Guild Court,Falkirk V2: Alterations to Messrs Bishop Brothers Property at Kerse Lane, Falkirk Specification of work V3: Specification of work continued V4: Same as V2 V5: Same as V3

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Production date
Sep 1965-Jan 1967
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