Papers concerning final settlement of estates of Henry & Margaret Aitken

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Papers concerning litigation between trustees of James Aitken of Darroch and trustees of Henry Aitken of Darroch, relating to the final settlement of the estates of Henry Aitken & Margaret Russel or Aitken, following the death of Jessie Aitken of Glenbervie in 1921. Includes Deed of assumption by John Aitken, sole surviving trustee of deceased Henry Aitken in favour of Alexander Nimmo and T C Wade, 1913; Trust Disposition & Settlement by Mrs Margaret Russel or Aitken to James Russel & others, Testament-Testamentar of Walker Aitken, Note of Questions submitted to Counsel relating to Miss Jessie Aitken Trust, Trust Disposition by Margaret Russel or Aitken to James Russel & others, Trust Disposition by Mr & Mrs Aitken to James Russel, Alex Russel, James Aitken and Russel Aitken, and Ante Nuptial Contract of Marriage between Henry Aitken and Margaret Russel, Memorial by the Testamentary Trustees of the late Miss Janet (Jessie) Aitken for Opinion of Counsel and Summons of Multipoinding & Exoneration, Trustees of Henry Aitken of Darroch against Trustees of the deceased James Aitken of Darroch

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