Outside Redding Co-operative bakery.

Production date
Circa 1930
The driver of the Redding Co-operative Society Ltd Bakery stands by his horse. The van has steel wheels with pneumatic tyres similar to those found on motor vehicles at the time. A dog is sitting on driving seat. The vehicle is parked outside a single-storey building with brick walls and a slate roof.
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Production date
Circa 1930
Subject notes
Although motor vehicles were widely used by this time, horse-drawn vehicles continued to be used for house to house deliveries until long after the Second World War. The horse would know from experience to move the cart from door to door, saving the driver having to do it.

Co-operative Society shops played a more significant role in towns and villages than today. Most households were members of a Co-op Society and bought most of their messages or groceries there. They received a dividend ('the divi') based on how much they spent.
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