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Accession number Name/title Production date Collection
P42796 P42796
Floral Clock, Dollar Park
P42806 P42806
Floral Clock, Dollar Park
P42803 P42803
Floral Clock, Dollar Park
P42625 P42625
Big in Falkirk
May 2009
A1890.005 A1890.005
Embroidered Greetings Card
(1918) {nd}
Paxton Family, Personal Papers/Family & Personal Papers Group
2020-003-009 2020-003-009
1985-088-001 1985-088-001
chair; Provost's
2001-008-004 2001-008-004
scarf; "WRVS"
P28625 P28625
Brightons Gala Day
Summer 1995-1996
P28628 P28628
Brightons Gala Day.
Summer 1995-1996
2020-003-006 2020-003-006
mortarium; stamped
2020-003-007 2020-003-007
1979-010-009 1979-010-009
sherd; Dunmore ware
2009-010-001 2009-010-001
token; trade (Laurieston Co-op Society Ltd.)
P59413 P59413
Denny/Bonnybridge Project progress in 1985
19 Dec 1985
Council Photographer Collection/Corporate & Neighbourhood Services/Falkirk Council/Local Authorities Group
1983-042-440 1983-042-440
P28626 P28626
Brightons Gala Day
Summer 1995-1996
P48210 P48210
Rhododendrons in Dollar Park
Jun 1993
Development Services Photo Collection/Development Services Dept/Falkirk Council/Local Authorities Group
1989-010-004 1989-010-004
advertisement; "Johnnie Walker"
P56987 P56987
Benford Mwakayuni and Brian McNeill with a cooking pot now uses as a plant pot
23 Sep 2014