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Accession number Name/title Production date Collection
P15440 P15440
Springfield Depot
Jul 1986
P10953 P10953
Falkirk and District Royal Infirmary
04 Oct 1980
P01699 P01699
View of Jinkabout and River Avon from Avondale
P01204 P01204
View of Falkirk, Steeple in background
Circa 1966
P43879 P43879
Side view of entrance to McCowan's Factory on Gladstone Road, Stenhousemuir
20 Oct 2011
P43886 P43886
McCowan's Factory Delivery Vehicle, 1950
20 Oct 2011
P43887 P43887
McCowan's Factory Tryst Road, 1950
20 Oct 2011
P43888 P43888
McCowan's Factory View from Tryst Road, 1930
20 Oct 2011
P43889 P43889
Aerial View of McCowan's Factory, 1970
20 Oct 2011
P00322 P00322
View of RSNH with children at Maypole
Circa 1925
P18224 P18224
North Street, Bo'ness.
P01666 P01666
Stairs outside Tattie Kirk
P43019 P43019
High St, Falkirk
17 Aug 2009
P42815 P42815
Royal Visit to Falkirk
P42814 P42814
Royal Visit to Falkirk
P42843 P42843
Group outside Callendar House
Circa 1920
P42860 P42860
Bo'ness Fair
26 Jun 1987
P15870 P15870
Falkirk Library interior
Circa 1935
P42910 P42910
Bo'ness Victorian Street Fair
31 May 1987
P42911 P42911
Grangemouth Childrens Day
20 Jun 1987