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Accession number Name/title Production date Collection
P43052 P43052
Falkirk Bus Station
17 Aug 2009
P45988 P45988
Scottish Referendum Count at Grangemouth
18 Sep 2014
P52831 P52831
Cockburn Street Roundabout during construction of Howgate Shopping Centre
19 Nov 1987
Development Services Photo Collection/Development Services Dept/Falkirk Council/Local Authorities Group
P14089 P14089
"Carron Works"
Circa 1896
P22298 P22298
View of Falkirk in snow
Circa 1890
P08672 P08672
View of East Bridge St and Eastburn Avenue, Falkirk
Feb 1969
P07791 P07791
Dispatch crates, Torwood Foundry, Larbert
P07803 P07803
Moulding and mould box at Torwood Foundry, Larbert
P07385 P07385
Pattern shop at Falkirk Pattern & Equipment Ltd
30 Aug 1979
P43046 P43046
Callendar Sq, Falkirk
17 Aug 2009
P12303 P12303
Herbertshire Brickworks
18 Apr 1981
Astbury, Tom, Photographic Collection/Falkirk Museums/Leisure Dept/Falkirk District Council/Local Authorities Group
P03903 P03903
Falkirk Power Station
P32552 P32552
Opening of Falkirk & District Royal Infirmary
Falkirk Herald Photographic Collection/Falkirk Herald/Business Group
P10463 P10463
Denny Paper Mill - drying section of papermaking machine
02 May 1980
P02970 P02970
Birkhill Clay Mine
P02919 P02919
Grangemouth Docks improvements
Circa 1965
P02544 P02544
Bo'ness from Victoria Park
P08431 P08431
Callendar Shopping Centre, Falkirk
Feb 1964
P07934 P07934
Loaded bricks and kiln at Craigend Refractories Ltd, Avonbridge
18 Oct 1979
P13781 P13781
Carron Iron Works, looking south from High Foundry Cupola
15 Mar 1983
Falkirk Museums/Leisure Dept/Falkirk District Council/Local Authorities Group