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Accession number Name/title Production date Collection
P34901 P34901
A parliamentary election scene, Falkirk
P17265 P17265
Ploughing with two horse plough, Skinflats
Circa 1910
P03643 P03643
Mathieson's horse drawn delivery van
(Early 20th Century)
P33410 P33410
Clydesdale horse belonging to Thomas Aitken & Co
Late 1950s
Falkirk Herald Photographic Collection/Falkirk Herald/Business Group
P33436 P33436
Man with heavy horse
Falkirk Herald Photographic Collection/Falkirk Herald/Business Group
P03556 P03556
Election canvassing
P13085 P13085
Ploughing competition in Denny
Circa 1920
Herd, Walker, Photo Collection/Family & Personal Papers Group
P16638 P16638
Alex Brodie horse-drawn delivery cart
P43554 P43554
Funeral Carriage of Capt James Fitz Morris, Cincinnati, USA
17 Aug 1918
Morris, James Fitz, personal papers/Family & Personal Papers Group
P16610 P16610
Horse and cart near Falkirk Infirmary
P01857 P01857
Child in dogcart, Denny Parish Church
P19892 P19892
Circa 1905
Louden Family Papers/Family & Personal Papers Group
P13497 P13497
Float from McNay's Pottery at Bo'ness Fair
Circa 1930
P33237 P33237
Horse-drawn coach
Circa 1930
Falkirk Herald Photographic Collection/Falkirk Herald/Business Group
P16667 P16667
Horse-drawn bus, Campbeltown
Circa 1905
P45470 P45470
Margaret Roy with horse
P45472 P45472
Jackie Roy after winning ploughing match
Late 1930s
P45474 P45474
George Roy with horse and foal
Late 1930s
P45476 P45476
George Roy ploughing in field
P11327 P11327
Clydesdale horses pulling a plough, Standalane Farm, Princes Park
Circa 1930
Drummond, Telfer, Photographic Collection/Family & Personal Papers Group