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Accession number Name/title Production date Collection
P16054 P16054
Falkirk Steam Laundry Horse-drawn cart.
Circa 1905
P18114 P18114
Horse and cart, Bo'ness
Circa 1905
Doherty Photographic Collection/Family & Personal Papers Group
P21120 P21120
Mungall brothers on horse-drawn milk cart
Circa 1900
P16474 P16474
Avonbridge Mill horse drawn cart
Circa 1910
P17264 P17264
Ploughing with two horse plough, Skinflats
Circa 1910
P19891 P19891
Pony and gig
Circa 1900
Louden Family Papers/Family & Personal Papers Group
P23071 P23071
Barr's horse Carnera at Thomas Kidd's blacksmith's shop
P25248 P25248
Man with horse in harness
Circa 1910
P25249 P25249
Man with a heavy horse in harness
Circa 1910
P25379 P25379
Horse being groomed, Dunmore Park House Stables
Circa 1902
P16071 P16071
Brodie's horse and cart.
Circa 1910
P15520 P15520
The Smiddy, Avonbridge
Circa 1905
P02305 P02305
Little Kerse Farm.
Circa 1929
P30110 P30110
Horse and high sided cart outside fruit and confectionery shop.
Circa 1900
P34899 P34899
Horse-drawn baker's delivery van, Falkirk
Circa 1910
P35045 P35045
Handwritten caption reads: "Avonbridge Bakery delivery van, driver J Ferier"
Circa 1920
P27625 P27625
Ploughman with pair of Clydesdales.
Circa 1900
Falkirk Libraries/Falkirk District Council/Local Authorities Group
P18542 P18542
Bread Van - Slamannan Co-operative Society
P06912 P06912
Mathieson's bakery delivery cart
Circa 1900
P27618 P27618
Horse drawn reaper.
Circa 1900
Falkirk Libraries/Falkirk District Council/Local Authorities Group