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Accession number Name/title Production date Collection
Sites and Monument Record: Dunmore Park Stables (SMR 187)
P01857 P01857
Child in dogcart, Denny Parish Church
Sites and Monument Record: Avonside (Grangemouth) Fever Hospital (SMR 1824) Sites and Monument Record: Avonside (Grangemouth) Fever Hospital (SMR 1824)
P16639 P16639
Railway workers, Slamannan Station
P02304 P02304
Box cart, Little Kerse farm, Polmont
Circa 1929
P16733 P16733
Landau, Bo'ness
Circa 1905
P19853 P19853
Horse-drawn hay waggon on farm in West Lothian
Circa 1930
P03152 P03152
Excursion group on horse drawn transport
P01563 P01563
Brewery horse and cart and the Thistle Inn
Circa 1901
Smith, Michael, Photographic Collection/Family & Personal Papers Group
P16553 P16553
Farm workers on a cart with Clydesdale horse, Dyke Farm, Slamannan
P16610 P16610
Horse and cart near Falkirk Infirmary
P16067 P16067
Team of Clydesdales pulling a binder, Pirley Hill Farm, Shieldhill
Circa 1930
P32479 P32479
Pony and cart
Falkirk Herald Photographic Collection/Falkirk Herald/Business Group
P16316 P16316
Nimmo family, Falkirk, in horse drawn carriage
Circa 1905
P16981 P16981
Longcroft Co-op butcher horse-drawn van
Circa 1910
P18114 P18114
Horse and cart, Bo'ness
Circa 1905
Doherty Photographic Collection/Family & Personal Papers Group
P16565 P16565
Horse-drawn cart of James Chapman, Baker & Confectioner, Slamannan
P14310 P14310
Farmer and two Clydesdales, Greencraig Farm, Falkirk
Circa 1930
P16474 P16474
Avonbridge Mill horse drawn cart
Circa 1910
P16054 P16054
Falkirk Steam Laundry Horse-drawn cart.
Circa 1905