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Accession number Name/title Production date Collection
P33655 P33655
Callendar House.
Pre 1902?
Kemp Postcard Collection/Family & Personal Papers Group
P38595 P38595
Stooks near Broughton
30 Aug 1940
Munn Photographic Collection/Family & Personal Papers Group
P04153 P04153
Camelon Fort
Apr 1976
P08329 P08329
Inveravon shell midden
31 Oct 1979
P08489 P08489
Denny Muir from Broadside Reservoir
Mar 1966
P08135 P08135
Camelon, Canal Road.
Pre 1979
P05125 P05125
Muiravonside House
Feb 1979
P05414 P05414
Airth Castle.
19 Jun 1979
P05800 P05800
Doocot, Muiravonside Estate
Jun 1979
P28334 P28334
Roughcastle Roman Fort.
Jun 1990
P28344 P28344
Roughcastle Roman Fort and Antonine Wall.
Jun 1990
P06676 P06676
Callendar Estate, Falkirk
P06684 P06684
Callendar Estate, Falkirk
P06975 P06975
View of countryside at Gardrum
24 Feb 1978
P07577 P07577
Medieval motte, Dunipace
18 Sep 1979
P06301 P06301
Union Canal, Greenbank, Falkirk
13 Mar 1973
P06310 P06310
Forth & Clyde Canal, Camelon, Falkirk
Jun 1973
P06454 P06454
Callendar Estate, Falkirk
Sep 1965
P06464 P06464
Callendar Estate
Aug 1966
P06575 P06575
Callendar Estate, Falkirk