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Accession number Name/title Production date Collection
P15261 P15261
Advertisement for Guinea Screws
Circa 1900 {original}
P04707 P04707
Advertisement for Calypso cooker, Caledo stove and the Caley grate
Mid 20th Century
P01806 P01806
Mathie & Co Newsagents, Denny
Circa 1933
A009.123 A009.123
Notice of meeting
Apr 1847
Falkirk Parochial Board/Local Authorities Group
P33399 P33399
Falkirk Herald Photographic Collection/Falkirk Herald/Business Group
P04708 P04708
The "Emmos" range and "Sefton" grate
Mid 20th Century
P04588 P04588
"Down-to-Date" Portable Range - a reliable range of plain design
Circa 1930
A415.019 A415.019
Newspaper - "The Scottish Worker"
May 1926
Amalgamated Engineering Union/Organisations Group