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Accession number Name/title Production date Collection
P31751 P31751
Family Show
Leisure Dept/Falkirk District Council/Local Authorities Group
P00979 P00979
Mumrills Fort
1999-012-084 1999-012-084
pin head?
P11404 P11404
"A Day Out at Blackness"
Circa 1937
Drummond, Telfer, Photographic Collection/Family & Personal Papers Group
P07064 P07064
Entrance to Union Canal tunnel and surrounding area
30 Aug 1979
P15107 P15107
Eriden House and Arnothill, Burnfoot Dairy.
Circa 1905?
P60081 P60081
'David Dalgleish, Sandy, Jane and Queen
Sep 1963
P35561 P35561
"Camelon Football Club. Holders of the Falkirk District Charities Cup, 1889"
1977-002-330 1977-002-330
figurine; dog
P45911 P45911
Hunting dogs
[05 Jul 1915]
Ross Family of Camelon Papers/Family & Personal Papers Group
P23351 P23351
Grangemouth Library from Grangemouth Town Hall entrance
Circa 1980s
Leisure Dept/Falkirk District Council/Local Authorities Group
P23836 P23836
Operation School Break at Hallglen - children with sporting equipment
P48741 P48741
Upper Carron Valley - Fankerton Right of Way (MSC project)
Jul 1983
Development Services Photo Collection/Development Services Dept/Falkirk Council/Local Authorities Group
P60109 P60109
Farmer with dog
Jun 1970
P04126 P04126
Cupmarked stone, possibly Bronze Age, at Roughcastle
P04930 P04930
Hill Farm, Avonbridge
P12530 P12530
Capt H J Kennard
Circa 1920
P27606 P27606
Group of ten Victorian men, standing on the steps of a house, with a dog in the foreground.
Circa 1890
Falkirk Libraries/Falkirk District Council/Local Authorities Group
P38206 P38206
"Lamp Lighter - Jackson Avenue"
Munn Photographic Collection/Family & Personal Papers Group
2002-012-002 2002-012-002
dog; wooden