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Accession number Name/title Production date Collection
Woman and child in garden
Circa 1900
Portrait of a baby
Circa 1900
P21111 P21111
Mr Aitken with child on horse, Avonbridge
Circa 1900
man with horse, Avonbridge
Circa 1900
Woman with cattle, Avonbridge
Circa 1900
P21119 P21119
Women at Lin Mill, Avonbridge
Circa 1900
P21120 P21120
Mungall brothers on horse-drawn milk cart
Circa 1900
Man with horse-drawn cart
Circa 1900
P16474 P16474
Avonbridge Mill horse drawn cart
Circa 1910
P16461 P16461
Avonbridge FC
P35035 P35035
Handwritten caption states: "Mrs Morton with her daughter Agnes (left) and another of her 9 children. Agnes later married Geordie Clark."
Circa 1900
P35036 P35036
Handwritten caption states: "Miss Jen Fleming, Mrs William Fleming early 1900s"
Circa 1900
P35037 P35037
Handwritten caption states: "Mr Alex ("Sanny") Morton with wee brother and bunnets"
Circa 1900
P35038 P35038
Geordie Clark
Circa 1910
P35043 P35043
Handwritten caption: "Railway gang lifting the lines. J Young, ta boy. 1930s"
P35044 P35044
Group of five maids.
Circa 1900
P35045 P35045
Handwritten caption reads: "Avonbridge Bakery delivery van, driver J Ferier"
Circa 1920
P35046 P35046
Handwritten caption reads: "Jimmy Paterson, Wull Lawson, Charlie Catlin"
Circa 1920
P27676 P27676
Circa 1900
Falkirk Libraries/Falkirk District Council/Local Authorities Group
P27483 P27483
13 May 1980
Strategic Services/Falkirk Council/Local Authorities Group