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Accession number Name/title Production date Collection
P04594 P04594
New 'Livingstone' Cooking Range
Circa 1930
P04595 P04595
New 'Stanley' Cooking Range. A Popular Range. Handsome, Efficient and Economical.
Circa 1930
P04596 P04596
New HPB 'Stanley' Range. High Pressure Back Boiler pattern.
Circa 1930
P04597 P04597
The "Dover" Cooking Stove - burns coal, wood or turf fuel
Circa 1930
P04598 P04598
The "Trio" Cooking Stove
Circa 1930
P04605 P04605
The "Standard" Hearth - Admirably suited for Passenger and Cargo Steamers
Circa 1930
P04606 P04606
The "Tay" Steamer Hearth - Cooks for 12-30 persons
Circa 1930
P04607 P04607
The "Humber" Steamer Hearth - Cooks for a Crew of 8 - 12
Circa 1930
P04608 P04608
The "Patrol" Hearth - Specially designed for Trawlers and Drifters
Circa 1930
P04694 P04694
The "Super Sunbeam" Kitchen Range
Circa 1930
P04696 P04696
No 1 'New Elf' Range
Circa 1938
P04697 P04697
No 2 'New Elf' Range
Circa 1938
P04698 P04698
No 3 'New Elf' Range
Circa 1938
P04699 P04699
No W27431 Dorrator Range
01 Aug 1957
P04702 P04702
The PRX Dover Boiler
21 Oct 1954
P04703 P04703
The "Caterer Junior"
Mid 20th Century
P04704 P04704
No 1 'Caterer'
Mid 20th Century
P04705 P04705
"Dorrette", E pattern
01 Jun 1961
P04713 P04713
The "Rayburn" range
1970s {photo}
P04718 P04718
Advert for Dorrete cooker and Dorrator range
1970s {photo}