Grangemouth Parish Burial Ground Joint Committee
The Burial Ground (Scotland) Act 1855 enabled Parochial Boards and then Parish Councils to raise loans set against future fees to purchase ground for local authority cemeteries. Under this and subsequent Acts, Grangemouth Parish decided to open Grandsable Cemetery in 1901. Responsibility was shared with Polmont Parish, hence the establishment of the Joint Committee. [Source: Calatria Vol 9: G B Bailey The Graveyards of Falkirk District Part 1] Local authorities became responsible for cemeteries from 1866. Church graveyards which were previously the responsibility of the Heritors transferred into the care of the Town Councils or the Parochial Board, (subsequently the Parish Council and then the District Councils set up by County Councils). Some cemeteries were run by Joint Committees of two or more local authorities. Grandsable Cemetery was one example of this: run by a joint committee of Polmont Parish and Grangemouth Parish., and serving both areas.Cremation was permitted by and Act of Parliament in 1902. Responsibility for cemeteries and the crematorium transferred to Falkirk District Council in 1975 and then to Falkirk Council in 1996. Cemeteries and Crematorium section was a part of the Amenity & Recreation Department in 1975, and then the Leisure Department. In 1996 it became a section of Community Services


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