Falkirk Erskine Parish Church

Established in 1739 as a congregation of the Associate Presbytery, later known as the Secession or Original Secession Church. The congregation was known as Falkirk Associate Congregation until 1820. In 1747 the congregation split over the Burgess oath and the anti-burghers left to form a new congregation (eventually meeting in the Tattie Kirk). In 1820 the anti-burghers and burghers re-united as one denomination, the United Secession Church, and the Associate Congregation was re-named the First Associate Congregation of Falkirk. The congregation split again in the 1840s over the Morrisonian doctrine and the majority left to form the independent Bank Street congregation. The remaining First Associate Congregation of Falkirk entered the United Presbyterian Church in 1847 (when the United Secession Church of Scotland and the Relief Church amalgamated) and was re-named the East United Presbyterian Church, Falkirk. In 1864 the congregation was re-named Erskine United Presbyterian Church. The congregation entered the United Free Church of Scotland in 1900 (union of UP and Free Churches) and the Church of Scotland in 1929 (union of UF and Church of Scotland). In 1854 the members living in Grangemouth petitioned presbytery to establish a separate congregation (which eventually became Grange Church) In 1878 the members living in Carron petitioned Presbytery to form a separate congregation. Erskine Church also ran various Sabbath Schools in Falkirk and established the Erskine Church Mission in 1888 which was amalgamated with the mission of St Andrew's Church in 1916 to form the Falkirk United Free Mission. The congregation occupied two buildings in Falkirk. The first was in Horsemarket Lane, opened in 1742 and re-modelled in 1816 and 1868. A church hall was built in 1878. These buildings were sold in 1910 and later used for the Electric Theatre and demolished in the 1960s. The present building on the corner of Hodge St and Cochrane St was opened in 1905.


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