Falkirk : St Francis School

St Francis Roman Catholic School, Falkirk was established in 1853. It became St Francis Junior Secondary School c 1950. In 1953 the secondary department was closed and the school became St Francis Primary School. Its official school number was 3124. Sometime around 1852 - the exact date is not certain - St Francis Xaviers Catholic School opened its doors for the first time in Manor Street . In 1880 sufficient funds were raised to build a completely new school on Silver Row described as of Gothic style. The old school building in Manor Street began the first of two spells as the meeting place of a new Young Man’s Society. In 1887 an infant section of St Francis School was opened which in the following century would take over the old Free Church School in Meeks Road. In 1904 major alterations costing £3000 were made to St Francis giving it the familiar front entrance in Silver Row. By then there was one senior school mistress and five full time assistants looking after over 300 pupils.


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