Ballantine Bo'ness Iron Co Ltd

A Ballantine & Sons, ironfounders, Bo'ness, West Lothian, started up in the 1820s and was formally established in 1856. The Company changed their name in 1987 to Ballantine Bo'ness Iron Company Ltd.
A Ballantine & Sons was incorporated in 1919 with the registration number SC010292. In 2014 the company went into liquidation and a new company was founded called Ballantine's Castings Ltd.

From 1877 the company was based at New Grange Foundry which was built in 1876 and opened in 1877.

From their website, 04 April 2003:
"Ballantine started-up in the1820's on its current site and became formally established in 1856. The company is still owned and run by the Ballantine family. The company provides original metalwork, restoration and refurbishment to existing metalwork worldwide. Its range of over 250,000 patterns includes fencing, monuments, post boxes, lamp posts, manhole covers and extensive ornamental structures."

Taken from their website on 23 February 2015
"Ballantine Castings Ltd. is a new Company having been formed following the demise of Ballantine Bo'ness Iron Co Ltd. Ballantine Castings aims to draw on the success of the works previously made from our factory through Ballantine Bo'ness Iron Co. Ltd.

Ballantine Bo’ness Iron Co has a rich and expansive history of metalwork in the UK and beyond. Having started up in the early 1820s, the Company became formally established in 1856, and have been in continuous production ever since.

For the entire period the foundry has been owned and run by the Ballantine family and is now in its 7th generation."


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