John Fleming
Local poet and former miner. "a Fa'kirk Bairn who lost his sight through an explosion at Redding, Polmont, 1906"

In 1901 John Fleming was working as an exposives worker and lodging with a William forbes at Lochend house, upper Road, Polmont. Around 1902 he married Margaret A Forbes the eldest daughter of his landlord.
(Census 1901 481/B3 003/00 017) Scotlands People.

By 1911 the family were living at Clarkville, Redding and the census returns note that John is now totally blind after an accident. John was working as a Telephone Operator but still in the Explosives Industry
(Census 1911 481/B3 003/00 012) Scotlands People

John died on 2 September 1934 at Gret-Ian, Polmont.
(Statutory Deaths 481/B3 0037) Scotlands People


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