Bonnybridge: St Joseph's RC School

St Joseph's Roman Catholic School was built by the church authorities in 1925. The building was replaced in 1989.
Roman Catholics in the area had first asked for a separate school in 1920 and in 1922 Stirling County Education Authority refused this request on the grounds of cost and that the Education (Scotland) Act 1918, did not require the Education Authority to set up separate Roman Catholic school. The Roman Catholic Church asked the Scottish Education Department to hold an inquiry which the SED was unable to do. Stirling County Education Authority re-considered the request and rejected it again in February 1924. In 1925 Trustees for the Roman Catholic parents acquired a site at Bonnybridge and built a school. Under the Education (Scotland) Act 1918, Section 18(7), the Trustees then applied to have the school transferred to Stirling County Education Authority. In November 1926 the Scottish Education Department accepted that the new school was eligible for transfer but Stirling County Education Authority continued to oppose the transfer and so the Trustees took the case to the Court of Session for judgement. The case then was appealed to the House of Lords. The formal transfer was backdated to 28 December 1926.
[Source: A1050.001-028]


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