Callendar Park College of Education

Callendar Park College of Education opened in 1964, providing 600 places for trainee teachers. By 1971 Callendar Park College had almost 900 students. It established close links with local schools. By 1978 student numbers had fallen to 300. The College of Nursing and Midwifery shared the buildings latterly and the college closed in 1982, with the remaining students transferring to Moray House College of Education. It was one of three new Colleges of Education opened in Scotland in the 1960s (the other two being Craigie College, Ayr, also 1964 and Hamilton College, 1966), all of which catered specifically for the provision of training places for female students. They were the first new Training Colleges to be built in Scotland for over 40 years, and outside the denominational sector, the first new foundations since the beginning of the century. The 1950's had witnessed a tremendous growth in the number of students attending Colleges of Education in Scotland, which put severe pressure upon their limited resources. To counter the problem, the Scottish Council for the Training of Teachers (under the Chairmanship of Sir James J. Robertson) announced proposals for a large-scale expansion of the sector in 1960. The initial proposals involved establishing a new residential college for 900 women at Hamilton, and rebuilding both Dunfermline College of Physical Education and Notre Dame College, on new sites in Edinburgh and on the outskirts of Glasgow, respectively. The single-sex status of the proposed Hamilton College caused considerable controversy, and owing to this, it was not completed until 1966. The 'new colleges' (as they came to be known) marked a break from tradition in several other respects: All were situated in pleasant parkland areas outside the main centres of population; and were designed to give large numbers of students the amenities of residence. Both Callendar Park and Craigie appointed women as their first Principals; although, on the retirement of Elizabeth C.F. Leggatt in 1969, Callendar Park appointed a male successor, Charles Brown in her place. Demolished 1989.


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